Woke up and met for breakfast before taking a car to Flumserberg. The Uber we called happened to be driven by the same Dmitrijs as the night before. He was just as intense and chatty, though neither Rich nor I were really up for it.

Once we arrived at Flumserberg, we walked around and just checked out the ski resort and the town. We took the gondola up to the summit and just checked stuff out. It was difficult seeing everyone around me skiing and being that guy in jeans and boots just walking around. Still, being able just to see the Alps was worth it. They defy words. Absolutely beautiful. Just vertical grey walls ending in snow rising up from flat verdant valleys. Pictures don’t do them justice.

We called Dmitrijs to see if he was still in area and able to give us a ride back to Zurich, but he was already an hour out. Pulled up Uber. Nothing. Public transit in the country is so good that people take it to go skiing for the day. mind. blown. So, we hopped on the bus and took that to the train, back to Zurich.

We finished our shopping, got dinner at Public burger and crashed.