More work

Woke up and worked over breakfast, then well past lunch. I walked to the office for a massage, then rejoined the group. We did a little shopping before heading to dinner at Vulkan.

We took an Uber to the restaurant, maybe 4km away. When we got in and the driver learned the destination, he immediately began hassling us for a tip, as he wouldn’t make any money off the ride. After the experience with dinner the previous night, this didn’t land nearly as well as the driver, Dmitrijs, intended. He tried to save the situation by playing a game involving numbers. Not a good move. At one point, he said to one of my coworkers, “You have the brain of a five year old.” We’re not sure if it was intended as an insult, a hint, or something else.

Eventually pieced together that the population in Zurich is so ambulatory that 4km really is an atypically short ride. Incredible. I love it.

Dinner itself was good, though for making the claim of being an Indian restaurant, half the dishes were suspiciously Thai. All tasty, though!

Post dinner, we walked to a bar called Tales and had a few rounds.