Day Twenty Six: Massage Day II

Woke up early, went to Blue Diamond for breakfast, massage school (back and legs) then home. We rented bikes to get out to the train station to buy tickets back to bangkok next Tuesday, way, way ahead of any need to do so.

When we got to the station though, Kerry ran to the bathroom and I tried to buy tickets. When I told he agent what I wanted, she looked at me sadly and said there was only one berth left on the train. The look of relief on the agent’s face when Kerry walked up behind me was incredible. She explained that there was plenty of room in the Women’s car on the same train, so I could take the 2nd class berth, and Kerry could take a berth in the Women’s car. Lucked out there.

Both of us were craving western food, so after purchasing tickets we had planned to head out to the university district again and score something suitably American out there. As the sun fell, we both realized it’s one thing to ride in Thailand when traffic can see you and something wholly different when it’s dark out. So we bailed on going to The Pub and instead ended up at Mad Dog Farang Food, with pizza and a meat pie, both of which exceeded expectations.

Then we actually accomplished last nights goal of getting to bed early.