Day Twenty Five: Massage Day I

Waking up in a right state barely two hours after we had gone to sleep, I couldn’t face a cold shower, so I ran down stairs and used the communal shower with hot water. Kerry, a living saint, got up soon after, then quickly grabbed us roles and a slice of raisin bread. We both took naps in the red truck that came to pick us up.

The whole day was a struggle, but we made it. Massaged the hell out of some heads, necks, and shoulders. K messaged us (how amazing is it that in the space of ten years, Facebook has gone from being non-existent to having over a billion users. I know it’s the circles I ride in, but I’m unlikely to meet anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account who didn’t consciously make the choice), so we met everyone at Loco Elvis for a round. It wasn’t a short round, but we were in bed by midnight, at least.