My Friends are Unmitigated Badasses

Waiting for breakfast just before going mountain biking, it occurred to me to text Mark (an avid mountain biker) to say “Hey, I’m doing your sport!” like I do just about every time I’m about to try something new. Then I thought, wait, what don’t my friends do? What could I do that they don’t already? Stuff that got crossed off the list quickly:

The only stuff I could come up with that you all don’t do on a regular basis are the kinds of thing AD&D doesn’t cover, and I hope you don’t take up as a regular hobby.

Then I started thinking about all the other stuff you guys do, like getting your Ph. Ds, MFAs, traveling and living all across the world, starting bands, making it in showbiz, saving lives, creating things that are used by millions of people every day, governing the most powerful nation on the planet. Jesus.

You guys rock. Keep that shit up.