Things I Miss

  1. Cheese
  2. A real goddamn cup of coffee (nevermind, found it)
  3. Everything not being perpetually moist
  4. Having the energy to do anything at three PM
  5. Plumbing that can handle toilet paper
  6. Feeling productive
  7. Every beer that isn’t a pale lager
  8. Streets smelling like piss (as opposed to sewage)
  9. Drinking tap water
  10. Styrofoam take out containers not existing
  11. Jägerschnitzle

Commentor: Elaine date:2015-02-09 10:10:56

  1. My mommy

Commentor: Elaine date:2015-02-16 01:51:51

Wait, I specifically entered this as number 12 in the list. WTF?!