Day Twenty One: Chiang Mai is Amazing

From just getting off the train, Chiang Mai just felt better than Bangkok. The air seems cleaner, the streets less insane, the people more relaxed. I might just be imagining it, after 34 hours of uninterrupted travel, it wouldn’t be out of the question. But even the crepes were more crepe like, less fried and more like what you’d expect to see in France. This is gonna be good.

Dinner was the local dish, kow soi (just like it sounds, cow soy) is pretty much the best thing ever: crispy fried noodles on top of a green curry like soup with egg noodles. Double noodles. Tasty broth. Yesssssss. Washed it down with the best beer I’ve ever drank. Given it was a Chang, I’m fairly certain it was more to do with the circumstances, and not the PBR quality pale lager. But I enjoyed it no less.