Day Seventeen: Scooters around Koh Phangan

Rented three scooters for the six of us and went around the north west side of the island. 600 baht (~$20) and a passport for a deposit was all it cost for all three. No forms. No insurance. Some things are a bit more sane here. Unfortunately, roads aren’t one of them. Despite the small size of the island, crashes happen daily (we passed one) and the shop was clear, unless we had prior experience with scooters, we shouldn’t rent them. So, thanks dad (and mom!) for the KDX 80. Experience on that got us through the unmitigated shitshow that is driving in Thailand. No real lanes, drive on the left side, no traffic control, and pedestrians in traffic. It’s horrendous.

Other than traffic though, the scooters were really fun. We took them up to Koh Ma beach (beautiful, swankish resort beach) and spent the afternoon there. Then hiked to a couple beautiful waterfalls. Those we cool. Pics to come. Tomorrow, diving at Sail Rock, supposedly the best dive spot in the gulf of Thailand. So there’s that.