Day 10

We got up, had breakfast at the hotel, then drove around the lake, stopping at a temple and walking up about a kilometer of steps to a huge pagoda.

We scrapped the idea of renting bikes due tot he smog and haze, so instead we grabbed lunch, walked through the markets, then drove back to Hsinchu to drop off the car. After dropping the car, we went to a restaurant one of Wade’s coworkers recommended after scoffing ant Ding Tai Feng. Which, reasonable, since Ding Tai Feng is, as best we can tell, the IHOP of bao. We ordered two round there, so Wade’s coworker wasn’t wrong. Full from dinner, we headed back to the hotel (after a futile search for dessert that ended in shame at a 7-Eleven where Wade got shade from the clerk for purchasing about a half dozen packs of soy braised quail eggs).