Day 9

On Boxing Day, we woke up late, got breakfast across the street, then foot massages down the street. I was sorta worried about it beforehand, in talking with Wade, it sounded like happy endings are fairly common. Walking in, I wasn’t particularly reassured. All of the people working were short skirt-clad young women and all of the clientele middle aged men. However, I was there with Tiff and Amy, and we were in a big common room the whole time, so there wasn’t ever a question.

During the massage, the masseuse working on Amy asked where I was from. Clearly, it had been a topic of conversation for a bit of time. I told them American, but that my parents were Japanese and Swedish, garnering the usual reaction.

After that, we met up with Wade and drove to Sun Moon Lake. We checked into our hotel and walked around the little night market for dinner. After grabbing dinner, we went back tot he hotel for a game of Phase then sleep.