How I came to spend Christmas in a police station

Well, it certainly turned out to be an interesting one.

Wade left early to make the HSR to Miaoli, so we slept in till almost 10. Once we roused our corpses, we got dropped our bags at the HSR and tried to get breakfast at Coffee Sweet nearby, but failed due to Christmas. For being a non-Christian society, there’s an amazing amount of observance.

We trudged back to the station and found a little stall that sold Teppan pancakes, basically using scallion pancakes as tortillas and filling them with stuff. That turned out to be perfect. we then walked to the green line, took that to Indian station, then cabbed from there to Wulai to check out the waterfall and hot springs. We got maybe a block into town proper when Amy realized she had left her phone in the cab. Unfortunately, by that time the cab had already driven off, and I’ve gotten out of the habit of memorizing plate numbers. When we walked to the police station to file a report though, I realized that we had been dropped off right in front of the station, and that the station itself had cameras watching the entrance. It took several hours, but the police managed to identify the cab, get in contact with the driver, and ask her to return the phone.

Relieved, we got some food and walked to the waterfall. It was well after sundown by the time we got back to town, so we opted to cab it back to Taipei main station.

From there, we headed back to Hsinchu to meet up with Wade. For dinner, we headed to Ding Tai Feng. Bao for days. We got all kinds of stuff including Xiaogang long bao with truffles, but the real star was the wontons in chili oil. From there, we just walked around a bit, then headed to bed.