Day 1

Got off the plane, breezed through CBP, met up with Wade. It’s adorable seeing the two of the, together. They’ve been apart for about 24 hours, and both of them were practically glowing seeing each other.

Grabbed a couple steamed pork buns and a (surprisingly good) cappuccino at the airport, and then got on the train to the high speed rail, headed to…..somewhere. On the platform, we discussed how amazing high speed rail is. If Elon gets his way, it would be entirely realistic for me to go down to LA for brunch with Claire or Anand. Ugh, NIMBYs.

We got off the train, stashed our bags in lockers at the station, and then walked around the Lotus Pond, checking out the pagodas and tiger dragon man sculptures. After, we checked into our hotel, dropped our bags, showered (finally!) and got ready to head out.

The night market scene here is similar to Thailand, except clean, and (stinky tofu aside) not malodorous, so really only like Thailand in the barest sense.

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