Catamaran along the Nā Pali cost

Woke up early to get down to Port Allen by 7:30. Sophie may have, once or twice, questioned why we didn’t do the dinner cruise instead, but to me it actually felt great being up before 10. When we arrived, they had a pot of coffee on and some poppyseed muffins, so I was happy.

Walking down to the boat, the captain pointed at me and said, “You look like a local boy”. I told him I was from the mainland and he shrugged. We stripped off our slippers, got on a beautiful 65’ cat, and then got underway. It was AMAZING being on the water. Felt so good. The cat had twin 400HP Cummings in them, but once we made it up to Ke’e beach and turned around, the wind was at our backs, so they went wing on wing for as long as the wind held.

Once we got to the snorkel spot, Bobby, one of the crew and a total character, dove in and tied off to their fixed anchor. Having that is way better for the bottom, so they don’t have to drop anchor and bust stuff up every day.

In the water, we saw a bunch of trigger and parot fish, as well as a turtle, a couple puffer fish, and an octopus. So that was cool.

To get everyone out of the water, they announced it was lunch time. Burgers, but they were using local, grass fed beef that was really well seasoned; they were fantastic. During lunch, the captain came around to check off names, and when he saw mine, he looked at me funny and said, “you sure you don’t got family here?” I confess, and he asked about a buddy of his. I checked with the family later, but we’re not really sure.

After getting back, we were pretty tired (and sadly I finally got my sunburn), but we washed up and hit the beach for golden hour.

After, we grabbed a really good dinner at La Spezia, then packed up a bit and passed out.