Bumming around Poipu

We woke up, had a bite or two of little baby chiffon, then, per Dina’s suggestion grabbed coffee at Cortado. While we were at it, we picked up snorkel gear next door, and checked out the grocery store / sushi bar / crossfit gym / juice bar. Quite a trip, but they had sushi grade ahi in the case, so cool by me.

After coffee, we drove back up to Koloa town for breakfast (just a window in the side of the grocery store there, bacon, eggs, and rice) then hit up the beach! Spent the afternoon just bumming around, then went back up to Kapa’a for shave ice from Tege Tege and a small snack.

For dinner, we went to the Beach House, got drinks while watching the sunset, and then had a nice long meal. Sophie had a bite of my Ono (a first for her), and she got a fillet, which was super tasty.

We got to talking with our waiter, Josh, and he started talking about how he was outfitting a Tacoma for luxury/adventure rentals. Seemed pretty cool, and he was totally proud of it. Got his number, and will have to hit him up next time we’re out there. After dinner, we walked along the break for a minute, then headed home. Had to be up early for the catamaran the next morning, so didn’t want to be out too late.