Beach. And then some more beach where we met our neighbors, Abby, Brittney, and Leah, and their two friends, all from Oahu (-ish. Many were from the Midwest, went to school in Santa Cruz, then moved out to Hawaii). Then a nap and some reading. Then beach.

Not the worst camp site
Not the worst camp site

We ate dinner early, maybe around 6, and just kinda hung out with the cat.

Then sunset.

At sunset, Sophie and I started dancing on the beach and Abby, ran over and offered to take a video of us dancing on the beach. We politely declined, but she invited us over to some singing bowls being played. We grabbed our headlamps and headed over. We stayed a short while then peaced out. A little bit too woo woo. We stargazed for a bit, then called it a night.