Kovalam beach

We woke up at 6:50 for yoga at 7:30, which was held on a roof of a nearby hotel overlooking the beach. Not bad.

After yoga, we walked back up to our hotel, had breakfast, talked with the front desk about what the hell happened the previous night (their story was that he confused the room numbers with some other guests who were leaving that night), and showered. I answered email and scheduled my flight back to Delhi, while Bethany met up with Shaji to work out costs. I got an Ayurvedic massage (eh), met up for lunch, then headed to yoga at 3:30. This time it was held inside, still on the roof but in a cavernous windowed room. Pretty cool. Part way through, someone in robes came in with what looked like a censer, but that sprinkled water (maybe salt?). Following that, we went swimming with the other person in the class, Fanny, a french woman visiting there with her mom. She seemed to give zero fucks, and stripped down to her underwear right on the beach to go swimming, drawing many a look from the Indian men. I glared back at them in return, and they quickly looked away.

We showered again, then wandered the strip looking for dinner. We ended up having s nice slow dinner, at Spice Garden, then head back to the room and passed out at midnight for 7 am yoga.