Hiking day three: Kareri village to John's house

Hike hike hike. Saw a beautiful updraft through the valley. Had a great conversation with Catherine about sins of the father, what right a 20 year old German person has to feeling guilty about the holocaust, what right I have as the grandson of people sent to interment camps AND a captain in the Air Force during world war 2 to feel guilt and or indignant, what right I would have, if I were to convert to Judaism, to the Jewish legacy, and how the discourse of rape in the United States lacks nuance. So, light conversation.

Got to our guide’s home where we spent the night. After setting up the tent, Catherine and I both journaled fir a bit, then I went out and walked around John’s village for an hour. As I was coming back, John was just bringing cups of soup to the tent. That woke Catherine up and we took them along with us as we scrabbled around the hills by John’s house. From the top, I snapped a photo of my shoes for today’s shoey back in mountain view, and had enough signal to send it off. After that, we both sacked out for a bit, then once John came back from the village, we had dinner (dal and rice, which I still don’t think I’ll ever get sick of), saw the baby get washed, rubbed down with mustard oil, and swaddled in the cutest blanket that had one corner doubled to turn it into a hood. John then brought out his wedding album and we checked that out.. Pretty cool stuff.

At this point John had one half tied on, I promised him a phone. He’s relatively well off, has a TV, glass windows in wooden frames, a Pooja sewing machine, and a nice house, but no toilet. So sending him a nexus, eh.

Had an interesting conversation though. The first adjective John used to describe Apple was “expensive” and “not worth it”, which itself is interesting, because it further suggests that Android is popular because of price, not just because it’s android. However, another data point is one of Natasha’s aunties, who said that she had Apple phone and returned it because she didn’t like it.