Wedding day four: The reception

Today was the only day without dancing! After a fairly quiet morning inside that castle, we made it over to the Air Force Auditorium lawn around 2:15. It took us about an extra half hour to forty minutes because only Air Force personnel and their families are allowed on the base, which Uber tried to route us through, rather than staying on the freeway a bit longer and going around. Eh. It’s much more difficult to argue with someone while they’re holding onto an assault rifle.

But once we did get there, it was positively sedate in contrast to the other days. More food than three times the number of guests could eat, Thai, Chinese, American, continental, and northern Indian, plus a dessert bar with all kinds of stuff, appetizers being passed, chaiwala, and a full bar including a bunch of mocktails.

That night, I got packed for the next week (five days hiking in the Himalayas) and booked flights to Kovalam beach from Dharamshala.

I was planning on heading to the afterparty, but things fell through. So it is.