Wedding day one: The dance

##the day Don’t remember. Will try to unforget.

##the dance So much god damn fun!

Invitation said things started at 8, but we arrived at 8:30 and were some of the first guests. So, we got a drink, a bit of food, half ass practiced once, then talked with people. Met Samir, who lives in Carmel valley with his wife Jen, and Twins Connor and….trouble.

The dance went off amazingly. We totally messed up, but it was soooo much fun. Everyone had a great time. Embarrassed the hell out of Natasha.

One of the dances was by four women, I think all aunts of some sort, that Natasha choreographed. I was told it was “very Punjabi” and was basically just talking shit about nNatasha’s mother in law. Which is hilarious, because I understand they have a great relationship.

At some point during the evening, the banquet hal opened up and started serving enough food for twice the number of guests. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that trend would continue through the end of the weekend.

From there, we danced and drank until two am, after the DJ shut down for the third time, but this time for real because security came in and made it clear this needed to stop. So we sat around eating and bullshitting till three thirty, and I caught a ride back to the hotel and promptly passed out.