Zurich to Delhi

Up at 7:30 after a decent night’s rest (guests entering a leaving s bar aren’t known for being quiet, and(at one point Bethany exclaimed “I don’t want to be half a house in Copenhagen!”) we grabbed breakfast at a cafe (prosciutto, Brie, and arugula panini for me, croissant, muslie with yogurt, cheese, and seeded bread for Bethany) and coffee before meandering back to Zurich Main Station to take the train back to the airport.

Bethany got the standard harassment about her visa at the gate, but it ended up working out.

Once we landed in Delhi, it was dead simple getting through immigration. The immigration officer didn’t even question Bethany’s visa. So, glad everyone else had been so thorough up to this point.

We collected our bags and made it the hotel, where were promptly made it to our rooms. I ordered s glass of wine, set out my things, then talked with Amy via WhatsApp till nearly 4:30, when I finally started feeling tired and passed out.