After landing, we took the train from the airport to Zurich Main Station. From there we wondered for a bit, awed by Zurich’s quaintness. Tiny little alleyways hidden until you’ve all but passed them that open up to courtyards with fountains. We found our Airbnb, a room above a bar that specializes in traditional Swiss music originally built in 1294, dropped our stuff, and went hunting for dinner.

Along the way, we did some window shopping (watches everywhere, because Switzerland), and ended up at what seemed to us a very Swiss place. One weinerschnitzel and jaegersnitzel later, we left to wander more.

Though most chocolate shops had closed up for the evening, we found one that had live music and picked up half a dozen bonbons each. Though the clerk’s English was quite good, his descriptions of each bonbon were flat out wrong. “That one? That’s a caramel.” Nope, truffle. “This one? It is a truffle” ok? Nope, filled with kirsch. The strangest description though was “this one is filled with….you know apricot? The nut from an apricot.” Definitely just hazelnut. So eating them was a bit of a landmine, unexpected flavor caused surprise.

Post chocolate, we practiced the choreography for Natasha’s wedding, then around midnight we passed out completely undisturbed by the enthusiastic accordion player and the stomping, whistling, dancing patrons downstairs.