Leaving on a jet plane

Starting something always seems like the hardest part. Once things are in motion, the easy thing to do is to continue. You have s goal, you’ve started working towards it, any obstacles that crop up are just part of getting the job done. But starting, taking that sometimes literal first step is always more difficult than it has any right to be.

Today, I left the house like I pretty much always do, bag on my back and a place to be. But knowing wasn’t going to return for another three weeks totally changed the feel of it.

Made it to the airport just fine, no rush or last minute “oh shits!”. Bethany ended up being right in front of me at the ticketing desk. While I was being processed, I could see that the ticketing agents were running into issues. While my very official looking piece of paper passed muster, it appeared that Bethany’s did not. Evidently the typed out email she received from the kind folks at the Indian Consulate didn’t contain the word “granted” in it, which was cause for concern. After threatening that they couldn’t let her on the flight without her visa, they pointed us towards a travel agency, which turned out to be a tiny little shop that sells travel size cosmetics and rents out computer use at absurd prices. Luckily, Bethany was able to call the appropriate office in India and get them to write out an email with the word “granted” in it and print it out.

Real secure, guys. Bang up job.

We got through security just find (with only a little extra scrutiny of my passport because I look real suspicious ) grabbed out last Mexican food for the next three weeks, a Sierra Nevada, and got on our plane bound for Zurich.