Hike hella accomplished

Woke up around 8 (ugh, early) to do the Vidden Trail. We walked 20 minutes to the Busstasjon (Bus station. If you squint hard enough at Norwegian, it becomes English), then took a 20 minute bus ride to Montana (a neighborhood of Bergen?), then walked 10 minutes to the trailhead. From there, it was a 3km slog to Ulriken’s 600m peak. From there, it was 13km through gorgeous alpine(?) meadows. Loved it!

Once we arrived at the end, there was this adorable little outpost thing, that consisted of a tram station, a restaurant, and a gift shop. We sat about for a bit and enjoyed not moving, then bought tickets for the tram down.

Conveniently, the tram drops passengers off less than 100m from Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, so we stopped for coffee and split a cookie.

We went back to the house, showered off. Ash took a nap, and I headed back to the cafe to work for a bit. Around 8, I headed back, and we went out to find dinner. We ended up wandering until we found a little pizza place near the theater where we sat out under heaters.

Ash asked for recommendations for places to go that night, and we ended up at a small bar down the street, figuring we’d only be there for a round or two. Despite that, soon after we arrived, we noticed people started sporting some pretty heavy duty headphones. We had walked in on a silent disco, so we ended up being there till about three. Oops.