Vik to Hofn

At 4am, we woke up, shaved and showered, and hit the road.

The drive was beautiful!

Around 5:30, we pulled over to check this out:

We ended up climbing as far up the slope as possible, about here:

Maybe 1000 feet up? 500? hell, I don’t know

Unexpectedly, we came upon the Glacier Lagoon. The loader was working to restrict the opening to the lagoon.

After, we finished the drive to Hofn, got lunch at Kaffi Hornid, I got the burger (eh), Ash got the Red Fish (looked good), had a coffee, and got back on the ring road. Pretty soon after, we both started to flag, so we started looking for a likely camp spots for the night. Maybe 15 minutes later we came upon this place:

Not bad, eh?

We set up the tent and started exploring.