Woke up early, spent the day horseback riding. Kinda wanna make this more of a regular thing.

Post ride, we came back and showered. I finally convinced myself that painting hanging in the gallery the previous day was worth it, and picked up, along with a second painting for Anand and Naudereh. The plan is to put it above my bed, but if not, it’ll work somewhere else.

We grabbed dinner at someplace called Jazz something or other. I had a cornflake crusted curry and lemon chicken that was surprisingly good, then met up with a few of the people we had met while riding earlier in the day. We went three rounds at this adorable bar whose owner looks exactly like Dina’s cousin Mark.

Dina and I went on a futile search for wifi. Dina semi-befriended some drunk ass blonde, while her Chris Hemsworth looking boyfriend chatted me up, pawned a cigar off on me, which unfortunately had none of the redeeming qualities I hoped for.