Horseback riding and rapping a waterfall

I woke up well before my alarm went off at 7 and just laid about listening to the ocean and enjoying the sky getting bright.

Around 7, I got up and helped Wade with breakfast. Around 8:30, Six horses and two guides showed up in the back yard to take us on horseback to a waterfall for rappelling. It was my first time on a horse in probably twenty years, but the horses were probably so well trained (broken?) it probably wouldn’t matter f I had never rode before.

Rode out to the waterfall, rappelled down it, then headed back to the ranch where Carlos’s wife Rita had some fruit waiting for us. Papaya, something, and something called guavanaba. It was similar to durian, but sour, smelled normal and was milky white and somewhere between a paste and mucous. Getting past the texture was a bit rough, but after that, I kinda liked it!

We rode back along the beach, where the horse I was riding , Maravilla (Wanderer, evidently) decided to gallop. Couldn’t blame her for that, so I just did my best to hold on. Made it back to the house safely, took a quick dip, and had lunch.

Wade, Amy, and I went to town for supplies (and Wade needed a new pair of sunglasses for tomorrow), then we laid low for the afternoon and nursed our saddle sores.