Puerto Jimenez

After landing, we got our rental car (where the dude made a big stink that we were waving the insurance because Wade’s travel card covers it), hit the grocery store, then did the half hour drive on the “highway” to the house.

Holy. Crap. When I imagine a tropical getaway, this is it. It’s open air, woven roof, and thirty steps to the beach. We spent the day napping and lounging about, checked out the ocean. The beach is interesting: nice fine sand at the waterline, but a hard rock shelf that extends wayyy out to the break at maybe a meter deep.

After passing out for four hours, I woke up and helped finish up dinner: tostadas con carne adobado. Following dinner, we cleaned up and made a fun discovery:


We were surrounded by these guys. Hundreds of them ranging in size from smaller than a quarter to dungeness size. So we spent some time playing with them, before clearing the pool of them and hopping in for a quick soak. Occasionally we’d hear a “plop” signaling it was time to turn on our headlamps, grab the net, and remove the crab that had just joined us.

After that got old, we got out, showered off, played a few hands of five crown, and called it a night.