Drove to work in the morning to hopefully ease getting to and from the team’s offsite in Santa Cruz, but instead missed the morning activities (hanging out and hiking at Natural Bridges). Instead, I got pulled into a few different meetings, then drove down and hit up Verve for a cup of cold brew and monkey bread (their version uses croissant dough. Good, but I like ours better), which conveniently was two blocks away.

After lunch/saying goodbye to Jen with the group at Assembly, I drove up to meet Tiffany and Wade. True to form, I was a half our late and met them at 4, rather than 3:30, but we still had plenty of time. The flight to Denver, where we met Amy was uneventful. In DIA, Wade and I screwed around until Tiffany scolded us into behaving.

The flight to San Jose from DIA was easy, though I didn’t sleep much. Immigration and customs were about as efficient as in the US, so it took us a bit to clear them. Once through, we got our boarding passes for our flight to Puerto Jimenez, then some yogurt and pastries for breakfast.

The plane for Puerto Jimenez was tiny! Three seats to a row, maybe ten rows. The airport in Puerto Jimenez was even smaller!