Lakes Louise and Morain

Wade, again, woke me up with a cup of coffee and a lunch spread ready. After sandwiches, we sat around for a bit enjoying coffee and waking up. Once we worked up the nerve to head out, we stopped at the fabled Tim Hortons. while not mind blowing, it’s definitely better than any chain has the right to be.

Coffee, egg mcmuffin, and doughnut in hand we headed towards Lake Louise. We were several hours later than we had planned, so upon arrival we changed plans and hiked out the 5.5km to a tea house over avalanche torn land. It was fun!

Along the way, we saw that not only is the hiking amazing, there’s also some incredible sport routes at the back of the lake.

Once at the tea house, we chatted a bit with the staff over our cups of earl grey and maple. The staff hikes in, works for five days, bunking down in cabins near the tea house, and then hikes out. Not a bad life.

The hike beyond the tea house was a huge slog, the last kilometer or so along a super steep spine with a huge drop. Slipping would be bad news bears.

Hiking back, it rained a bit, but just enough to make things look ominous and encourage us to not lollygag.

The land here is awe inspiring

After we got back, we hopped in the car, drove over to Lake Morian. we ran into that same couple we kept leapfrogging with on the trail, then called it for the day.

The drive back was gorgeous, then dinner and bed.