Hiking Corey Pass

I had been dreaming about a graduation ceremony overseen by the queen. A docile boar was ceremonially sacrificed. The blood from the boar’s slit throat should have run down the face of the valedictorian, but whatever passed for blood running down the boar’s unslit throat was instead caught in a cup, later to be dabbled on the valedictorian’s face.

Then Wade woke me up with a cup of coffee saying breakfast was ready. I threw on pants and slashed some water on my face and headed down. Bacon and eggs were served up, then we scrambled to get out of the house.

We drove into Banff, hit up the visitor center for info (and despite my misgivings, pick up bear spray), then headed out to Fireside to hike up Mt. Edith to Corey Pass. The nearly 1,000m gain over 4km was tough, though the Hungarian dead lifts Elysia has had us doing helped. At the pass’s saddle, we chatted for a while with a couple who had driven up from Seattle who were really cool.

After the hike, we drove around a bit, stopped to get groceries. After getting home, we cooked up dinner, taking turns taking showers, scarfed down some amazing yellow curry, and laid low for the night.