After lazing around for a bit, we went for a short run along the beach, then decided that today, we’d go stand up paddle boarding in the Hanalei River. We stopped for coffee at this place called Art Cafe Hemingway in Kapa’a. Ok coffee, but the food smelled great. I’m ambivalent about it’s existence. After driving up to Hanalei, we picked up the boards and launched right from the “Dock Dynasty”, that the outfitters had. Went up past the bridge into the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, and somewhere around the big bend found a nice little hole in the vegetation to have lunch in. We busted out the snacks, and promptly were snacked on by a whole cloud of mosquitoes. We beat a hasty retreat.

On our way back down river, it started to rain, which felt amazing! After talking about doing yoga on the beach, we felt inspired and started doing some on the paddle boards, to varying degrees of success. Right as we passed some people dining out on the shore, I attained a super stable tree pose, that eventually became less stable and ended with a loud “shit!” and the slap of my back against the water.

After stopping at the cars for water, we continued down towards Hanalei bay. The rain picked up again (still felt great), but we packed it in. Tomorrow we’re hiking some portion of the Kalalau trail, and today was supposed to be a rest day.